About Us

Management of Wildlife and Forests is a complex science and those who engage with these sectors need reliable and suitable equipment and services to function efficiently.

We at WFS, offer our clients, be it private landowners, government forest departments or just students studying forestry or wildlife, a range of products and services that meet their everyday work needs.

The Company

WFS is a social enterprise conceptualized and created in 2014 to meet the existential demand in the forestry and wildlife sectors of India. In other words, it is a one-stop shop for wildlife and forestry equipment and services in India.

As a young company and as a group of professionals, we take pride in being the first Wildlife and Forestry equipment and services provider in India offering a one-stop shop for all wildlife and forestry needs. Our range of equipment extends from safety and scientific equipment to solar solutions and wildlife management products.

We are ardent lovers of forests and wildlife and we are a team of trained and experienced professional biologists, zoologists and wildlife management specialists. As a company and as a strong unit, we are capable of providing innovative, workable and long lasting solutions for wildlife and forestry related matters and ensure that you invest in the right products and services that meet your requirements.

Meet Our Team

Our products and services are most suitable for people in the below sectors

  • Agriculture, Forestry and Wildlife Departments.
  • Zoos and National Parks
  • Private land owners
  • Civil & defence Airports
  • Educational Institutions
  • Independent Researchers
  • Wildlife Tourism Sector including Lodges, eco-resorts and safari parks.
  • Wildlife and Nature Enthusiasts
  • Students

Our Happy Customers & Associates