Get The Best Out Of Your Field Staff

The Service:

Do you see the need to develop the capacity of your field staffs to perform better?

Field staffs working in national parks and in buffer zones perform specialized works such as counting wildlife, patrolling, fire protection, registering offences and others.

Those staffs working in buffer zones, where human communities also live need skills to deal with complex situations like conflict, resource use, engaging with local communities for support to protect and safeguard forests and wildlife.

We identify needs of the field staffs and customize training programs with an aim to improve their ability to function in dynamic and challenging scenarios.

Appropriate for:                            

  • Forest departments


  • All inputs will be custom designed based on the needs of the forest departments.Abiding with the wildlife protection Act 1972
  • And meeting the needs of Phase 4 monitoring in Tiger Reserves

Hands On outdoor Sessions

Every Training Workshop will have hands on outdoor session. These practical sessions not only make the training more interesting but also help the trainees apply the learning of classroom sessions in field and gain confidence.

Acclaimed Trainers

We try to bring the best of subject experts right from the best environmental Lawyers and Enforcement people to Wildlife Monitoring & Forensic expert to train the staff on various topics.

Customized Resource Material

The resource material given to the trainees during the training workshop is tailored on case to case basis looking at the requirement of staff. This not only is an important aid during the training but is also designed to help the staff in their day to day work.

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