These new EDG VR Fieldscope models are the world's first*1 Fieldscopes to incorporate a lens-shift type VR function. The vibration reduction algorithm, based on Nikon's sophisticated VR mechanism used in NIKKOR VR lenses, has been optimised for these scopes.

The VR function accurately compensates for external vibrations caused by wind and operations such as focusing, panning and tilting. It makes composition easy by reducing vibrations to approximately 1/8*² of the image blur caused by vibrations during normal observation. This also enhances focusing accuracy even when manual focus is used during super-telephoto digiscoping. The system provides an effect equivalent to a shutter speed approximately two stops*² faster and is especially effective when digiscoping in bad conditions such as windy weather.

The EDG VR Fieldscopes also benefit from the use of Nikon's performance-proven Nikon's ED (Extra-low dispersion) glass that assures natural colour reproduction and crisp clarity. Straight models, in addition, feature dielectric high-reflectivity multilayer prism coatings for higher reflection rate and contrast than ever.