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Are you bothered by wildlife and do you need solutions to deal with problem wildlife in your area or property?

WFS specialize in addressing Problem Animal Scenarios. There is an increasing demand and need to address problem animals in urban and rural areas of India. In the Indian scenario, where the rules to engage with wildlife are stringent, leaves many land owners, farmers and communities in a precarious and frustrating situation. People also suffer huge losses to property and self from problem animals. WFS has developed innovative ways to engage with problem animals by involving forest departments and effected people and finding humane solutions to dealing with problem animals. Since problem animal scenarios are location specific we provide customized solutions to address problem animal’s and also build capacity within individuals and groups to engage and deal with problem animals.

Appropriate for:

  • Airports
  • Forest departments
  • Private land owners

Delivery:  On site, Customized to clients specific needs.


Innovative and Humane Solutions

We provide specialized fencing solutions to address crop depredation by wild ungulates. Our low cost solar powered fences are effective in reducing crop damage done by some of the key crop raiding animals.


Understanding the Conflict

An effective solution needs a deep understanding of the problem. At WFS, we contrive a customized solution taking into consideration the nitty-gritty of the issue. We employ social and scientific methods to come up with a win-win situation for both humans and wildlife.


Monitoring Conflict

WFS has full capacity to monitor the conflict, both before and after the implementation of the proposed solution. This helps in understanding the extant of the problem and changes in the levels of conflict after the solutions have been put in place.

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